Youth Education

Youth Education
UYCH Community College has almost 20 years experience in pioneering alternate programs for young people at risk of not continuing their education.
Our focus is on developing and delivering school-based intervention programs for young people across the Melbourne eastern region that provide the link between youth, education and training – a link vitally important to creating pathways to employment.
Successes of the programs have shown that by supporting young people to reconnect with education, they gain the strength, self-knowledge, confidence and self-esteem to succeed in life.
All staff are employed based on this philosophy. Download the following brochures for details:

Is STEP Ahead or VCAL for you?
The Skills Training and Education Program (STEP Ahead) is a ‘hands on’ option for students generally aged between 13-15, who have not thrived at school; and allows them to obtain their education through a different approach.
The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) program is a flexible, senior secondary ‘hands-on’ qualification over three levels: Foundation, Intermediate, Senior VCAL.
The Young Mums’ VCAL Program supports young parents through work-related experience, personal skills and education equivalent to the Senior VCAL level, to succeed in life and work.

Fees & charges

Please note as of January 1st 2014, the fees and charges have changed. The new charges are – Non-concession $1500 – Concession $300. This applies to VCAL Foundation, Intermediate, Senior and Young Mums VCAL. Payment plans are available.

Fees & charges download here


If you want to learn in a local, supportive and youth friendly environment, call to make an appointment:
Administration Office
Youth Education and Training
Phone: 5966 2099

Kathy Venables
Assistant Manager,
Youth Education and Training
Phone: 5966 2366 / 0419 883 999

Youth Education