Short Courses

Pre-accredited, leisure & lifestyle courses – Semester 1 2014

From computer and writing skills to cheese making and learning key moves in Chess, West African drumming, photography and visual art – UYCH Community College provides a wide range of leisure and lifestyle courses to offer new learning and skills opportunities. Browse and download brochures below or contact us on 5967 1776.

ACFE (Adult Community and Further Education) courseslook for this symbol for Government subsidised courses available to approved Health Care Card and Pension Card holders. (Amenity and material fees still apply).
ACFE subsidised courses
Develop your writing skills
with Deborah Anne Pepyat
Computers for Beginners
Kevin Dawson (day) OR David Martin (evening )
Next Step Computers
with David Martin (evening)
Return to Study – The Complete Computer Course
with David Martin (evening)
Digital Literacy
with David Kevin Dawson (day)
Book-Keeping Principles and MYOB
with Maree Schleibs (day)
Return to Study – Introduction to Photography
with Brian James (evening)
Return to Study – Introduction to Hospitality
with Fiona Cheron (day)
Photo Manipulation
with David Martin (evening)
Basic Microsoft Excel
with Kevin Dawson (day)
Art, Leisure and Lifestyle Courses
with Jeremy Shub (evening)
Art on Monday
with Benno Poeder (day)
Tablet Art – using Smart phones & tablets
with Benno Poeder (day)
Good Horse-Keeping
with Angela Brown (day)
Introduction to Sculpture
with Jeremy Shub (day)
Singing in Harmony
with Michelle Morgan (evening)
Cider and Fruit Wine Making
with Pete the Permie (day)
West African Drumming – 1 day and 1/2 day Workshops
with Mady Keita (day)
Cheese Selection – Cheese Making Course
with Pete the Permie (day)
Soft Cheeses and Yogurt Making
Pete the Permie (day)
French – Practicing the Basics
with Emilie Alciato (evening)
Norse Gods and Mythology
with Nigel McBain (evening)